EoT Labs is building the next generation of the Internet of Things,
the Economy of Things

EoT Labs develops, incubates and supports open-source projects with a focus on the Web3 Machine Economy.

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We develop protocols, tools, and decentralized applications (dApps) for a decentralized machine economy. Our goal is to create more robust, fair, and inclusive foundations for the fast-approaching age of automation.

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About us

Michael Ganser

Former Cisco CEO Germany

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'They have the potential to evolve into one of Europe’s leading technology providers.'

Michael Jackson

Non-Executive Director at Volvo

'There’s a lot of interest in the world today for blockchain solutions and there certainly seem to be ample opportunities in the realm of the Economy of Things.'

Max Conze

Former CEO at Dyson

Dyson logo

'What EoT Labs is doing is critical for a world exploding with intelligent, data-generating ‘things’ that need to exchange value constantly and securely.'

Dr. Klaus Schaaf

Former Research/Digitalisation Director at Volkswagen AG

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'Having seen how much value they have already generated for major automotives and how enthusiastic they are about the results, I am even more pleased to be able to support this team.'

Xavier Sarras

Founding Partner at 4P Capital

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'They have the tech, the team and the timing - and they’re working on truly industry-shaping technology with industry-leading companies.'

Sean Gallagher

Former VP & General Manager at HP, General Western Europe

'The amazing team of diverse talent at EoT Labs is pioneering the way devices of all kinds can realize their full potential autonomously and securely.'

Friedrich Neumann

 Partner at Urban Impact Capital

‘EoT Labs has the potential to build a new standard for the way machines interact and trade. The Economy of Things is here, and it’s here to stay.’

Werner Geissler

Former Vice Chairman at P&G

P&G logo

'EoT Labs is led by a great team of entrepreneurs and engineers who guarantee the company will remain at the forefront and create significant value for clients and investors.'

Sebastian Markowsky

Former Partner at Blockchain Valley Ventures

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'They provide the needed impetus for the next stage of the IoT as an organization which has successfully learnt what large corporations want.'

Steffen Seifarth

Former Mäurer & Wirtz CEO

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‘A decentralized Economy of Things creates almost boundless potential for machines with fascinating use-cases across a multitude of industries.’